4. fastcompany:

    An artist has mapped the Internet, literally. According to this amazingly detailed feat of imaginative cartography, posted on the social network deviantART, you could navigate the “Ocean of Information” only to find yourself adrift on the northern island of Wikipedia (it looks a little like Greenland). 

    Each landmass takes on the name of a popular English-language website or web service and is kinda sorta scaled to its popularity.


  5. In honor of this magnificent cover is our #WCW , the incomparable @katyperry

  7. landerurquijo:

    A Peak lapel, one button single breasted, and different types of plaid fabric matching with a blue cardigan„, / Solapa en pico, un solo boton, y diferentes tipos de cuadros combinando con un cardigan azul„,

  8. garageprojectmotorcycles:

    Saw this perfect #BMW #R100 #Scrambler on a blog and had to share. The colours are soooo classy.


  10. fuckyeahillustrativeart:

    By chucco ( http://chucco.tumblr.com/ )

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